" In response to COVID-19, all our transportation companies have taken preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of drivers and customers.

Please be assured that all our transportation companies follow government recommendations and guidelines, and ensuring the safety of everyone is our top priority.

Currently, this stage has no impact on our delivery service, but we encourage all customers to use your home address as the delivery address.

All shipping companies will provide contactless delivery services, which means that you do not need to sign for any delivered packages.

You can see all the shipping instructions and measures about them on the shipping company's website. After sending, an email will be provided to confirm the shipping information.

We hope you can understand that the measures we have taken are to protect you and ensure that we can continue to operate normally. "

Affected by the epidemic, the delivery time of package delivery may be delayed by 3-5 days, thank you for your understanding!

We understand that logistics delivery is a crucial step in your buying experience, so we ensure that we choose the best quality partners in international customs clearance delivery. Our dispatcher at the end of China isYunda.

All package information can be queried according to the tracking number provided by Yunda

Shipping notice

All orders on this site are direct mail from Korea. Due to cross-border trade issues, all orders will be issued within 3 working days.


Please carefully select and fill in the address information when submitting the order. Once the order is submitted successfully, it cannot be modified. If the non-packaged product is returned due to the reasons caused by the customer, the customer must bear the return shipping fee.

Reminder: If your package is shown to be shipped from Korea, the tracking information of arriving in China is still not displayed within 2-4 working days. Please check yundaex.com in time. Because of the cross-border reasons, after the package arrives in China, please refer to Yunda's status update. If Yunda does not have any tracking information, please contact our customer service to track the package for you. Thank you.

Before the package arrives in China

After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation email. After the goods are sent out, you will receive an email containing the order inquiry number, and you can query the logistics information at the affiliated URL in the email.

After the package arrives in China

You will receive Yunda's inquiry number, and you can check local property information on Yunda's official website. Yunda website: yundaex.com

One-time consumption of less than US $ 200, charged US $ 15

Expected delivery time reference

5-7 working days in Beijing

6-8 working days in Guangdong

6-8 working days in Heilongjiang

5-7 working days in Shanghai

6-8 working days in Shanxi

6-8 working days in other provinces

One-time consumption of more than 200 US dollars (including 200 US dollars) can enjoy free postage

Expected delivery time reference

Beijing 5-7 working days

Guangdong 6-8 working days

6-8 working days in Heilongjiang

Shanghai 5-7 working days

Shanxi 6-8 working days

6-8 working days in other provinces