Terms and conditions of use

The terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms" or "Terms") apply to the URL https://vw-mall.com/ Related services provided by users' websites (hereinafter referred to as "website", "our website", "this website") to users (hereinafter referred to as "you", "your", "you", "your"). This clause also applies to all your relationships (specifically, using VWMall (with vw-mall.com as the transaction name) company and you and the following companies (hereinafter referred to as "us", "our") The situation depends on the company that serves your specific order):

VWMall 's registered office address is: 10TH AVE.,VANCOUVER B.C.CANADA V6R2H9; or

Before placing any order on our website, please read the terms carefully, it involves your legal rights and responsibilities. If you use this website or order our products or services, you agree to these terms; if you do not agree to these terms, please do not log in and use our website. We recommend that you print and retain a copy of these terms for future reference. If you have any questions about the terms, please contact us.

1. Agreement

When you use this website, you agree to these terms; if you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website.

2. Revision

We reserve the following rights:

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete part of these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice and discretion. We will announce the changes through the website. You are responsible for regularly reviewing changes to these terms. The change information will be effective on this website immediately after being announced. If you do not agree to any modification of the terms, you must stop using this website immediately. If you continue to use this website after the change information is published, it means that you agree and accept the changes and the new terms. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw the website, website content and materials (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time without notice. We will not be liable to you for any modification or withdrawal of this website or its contents.

3. Sign up

You agree and guarantee:

To use certain services or features provided to you by this website, you will need to register.

When registering, you must provide information about yourself, which must be completely true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete in all respects, rather than imitating any other person or entity.

The products purchased on this website are limited to private use and household use, and cannot be used for re-sale. If your personal registration information changes, please notify us immediately via the following email address:

Email address: haishenseafood@gmail.com

4. Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously, so we will keep your personal information confidential and use it only in accordance with our privacy policy.

When you shop on this site, we will ask you to enter personal information to verify your identity and help identify users, such as your name, email address, billing address, shipping address, credit card, or other payment information. We confirm that we will use this information in accordance with the personal data privacy commissioner ’s protection regulations.

5. Protect your security

In order to ensure that your credit card, debit card, payment card or recharge card will not be used without your consent, we will use the relevant third-party database to provide your name and address during the order process Verify with other personal information.

We take Internet fraud and fraud risks very seriously. As the volume of fraudulent credit card transactions increases, we will make every effort to thoroughly verify all orders based on the information you provide. We may contact you for further security verification, hoping to get your cooperation so that we can achieve the purpose of completing the verification. We will never tolerate fraud and fraudulent transactions, any such transactions will be reported to the relevant government departments.

Accepting these terms, you agree that we use the personal information you provide to conduct appropriate fraud prevention checks. The personal information you provide may be disclosed to credit information services or fraud prevention agencies, and they may keep records of such information. Please rest assured that this is just to confirm your identity, not to check your credit, or affect your credit rating. All information you provide will be handled in strict accordance with the provisions of the 1988 Data Protection Law.

6. Comply with legal terms

This website can only be used for legal purposes in a legal manner. You agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations regarding this website. You agree to abide by all applicable laws, regulations and rules related to this website and its use. You agree not to upload or distribute through the website:

Any computer virus or any program software used to interfere with the normal operation of the computer; upload or spread any defamatory, offensive or obscene text and materials through the website.

7. Compensation

You agree to all claims, losses, and losses caused by the use of this website due to any violation of these terms or any other person ’s use of your web account information, as required by our management, directors, employees, and suppliers. Costs and expenses, including litigation and attorney fees, fully compensate us, defend us, and protect us from loss.

8. Third-party links

This website may have links to third-party websites and resources that are not under our control. Please note: These linked websites are only provided for the convenience of our customers, and we are not responsible for the contents and materials of any linked websites, nor do they conduct any review or endorsement. We will not be responsible for the privacy policy or content of any such linked sites, nor will we be liable for any damage, loss or illegal behavior caused by the use of advertisements, content, products, materials or services of these externally linked sites.

9. Order

Effectiveness of all orders depends on inventory supply and order acceptance. If the ordered product is out of stock, we will notify you by email (if no email address is submitted, it will be by other means), you can choose to wait for the product to replenish the spot supply, or choose to cancel your order.

Any order you submit will be regarded as your willingness to purchase our products or services, and we have the right to refuse these wishes at any time. Please note that any automatic replies (thanks) you may receive after you submit your order are not equivalent to our willingness to accept your order for products and services on the website. The contract between you and the website will only be finalized when: (i) you transfer money from your credit card, debit card or PayPal account or (ii) send you the goods or start the service, whichever is later Whichever comes first, we will send you an email at that time to confirm that we have sent you an email for the product or service activation (hereinafter referred to as the "confirmation of delivery") before we accept your order to confirm that the contract has been reached . The contract only covers the products or services confirmed in the "Confirm Shipment". We do not need to provide products or services ordered in orders other than the contract (unless these products or services have been confirmed in another "Confirm Shipment"), even if these products or services may have been part of your order .

Within our scope of power, we will take all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your order details and payment, but if it is not due to our negligence, any third party will use your offer without your authorization Of personal information or accounts using our website or ordering products from the website, we shall not be liable for any loss you may suffer.

Products sold on this website cannot be used for resale or distribution retail. If an order that violates this provision is found, we reserve the right to cancel the order and / or stop the account.

The product you ordered will be delivered to the specified delivery address provided in the order. If the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, or you fail to pick up the goods at the delivery address you specified, you are responsible for it, and we will not be held responsible.

10. Power to cancel orders

When you purchase products or services as consumers (that is, for private use, not for commercial use), you have the right to cancel any contract with us within 14 days of our delivery.

If you want to cancel the contract in accordance with these terms, please refer to our "Return Policy" for further details.

11. Price and payment

All prices displayed on the website include VAT (if applicable). All prices are correct at the current exchange rate and when entering information into the website system. However, we reserve the right to change the price at any time without notice to you, (any change does not affect those orders that we have sent a "confirmed shipment").

If your delivery location is in Korea, you do not need to bear any additional taxes. If your delivery location is outside of South Korea, you may need to bear import duties and other taxes (including VAT). After the goods arrive at the destination country, the relevant departments will collect these taxes from you, and any additional costs must be borne by you. To bear. Please note: The customs policies and implementation methods of each country are very different. It is recommended that you contact your local customs department for information.

Please note that when shipping goods from outside of South Korea, customs authorities may open and inspect cross-border goods. All goods mailed to addresses outside of South Korea will be considered as imported goods, so all laws and regulations of the destination country must be followed.

We accept all major credit and debit cards or pay through PayPal accounts. Before shipment or service activation, we will transfer payment from your bank account or deduct and settle payment from your account. If you pay by credit card, we will pre-authorize a small amount of $ 0.01 to verify your identity until the card issuing bank confirms the payment.

We do our best to ensure that all price information on this website is accurate, however, errors may occur by accident. If the price displayed on the checkout page is wrong once we happen, and we found this before accepting your order, according to Article 9 of these Terms, we do not need to sell you the goods at the wrong price displayed. If we find that the price of the product you purchased is wrong, we will notify you as soon as possible. You can choose to re-determine your order at the correct price, or you can choose to cancel the order. If you choose to cancel your order and you have already paid for the product, you will receive a full refund.

You must confirm that the credit card, debit card or PayPal account used for payment is yours. All credit card / debit card holders must go through the validity verification of the card issuer and obtain their authorization. If your payment card issuer refuses to authorize payment to us or refuses to authorize payment to us for other reasons, we will not be liable for any delay in delivery or non-delivery of products or services.

If for any reason your credit or debit card payment is not processed successfully, we reserve the right to try to process this payment again within 48 hours. If the payment still fails, we will notify you at least 48 hours in advance by email if you try to process the payment again. If you do not want us to try to process your payment again, you must cancel the order in advance.

Only one coupon code can be used per order. If you add more than one discount code to the shopping cart, we reserve the right to reject or cancel any such orders.

We allow you to use promotional codes strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions for formulating promotional codes, which may include content about your eligibility to use promotional codes and the highest order amount.

Please familiarize yourself with these terms and conditions before placing an order. We reserve the right to reject or cancel orders that do not meet these terms, even if your credit or debit card has been charged. If there is any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of the promotional code issued and these terms, the terms and conditions of the promotional code shall prevail. You can contact our customer service representative via email to obtain a copy of the terms and conditions of the discount code:


12. Qualifications for purchase

According to the laws of the People ’s Republic of China, you must meet the following qualifications to purchase goods on this website, and conclude and form a contract in accordance with the law:

Persons who are 18 years of age or older; register based on real name, address, phone number, email address, and other details we request.

When you purchase our goods and services, you are 18 years of age or older and authorize us to send or request information about you (including any updated information) from third parties, including but not limited to your Debit card or credit card number or credit report, verify your identity, verify your credit card, obtain initial credit card authorization, and authorize individual purchase transactions.

13. Intellectual property rights

All content on this website is the intellectual property of this website and is protected by intellectual property rights, trademarks, databases and other copyright laws and international treaty provisions. The materials and content of the website are owned by us or our licensed operators.

As long as you do n’t destroy the copyright and ownership statement, you can retrieve and display the website content on the computer screen and store it on the disk in electronic form (but not on a server or other network storage device connected to the network) You can also print a copy for personal and non-commercial use. But it is not allowed to copy, modify, imitate, distribute or use the materials and contents on the website in other ways.

14. Scope of responsibility

Although there are other provisions in the terms, any of these provisions shall not:

Affect or limit your rights as a customer under the laws of the People ’s Republic of China; or exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

This website is provided on the basis of ‘as is’ and ‘available’ without any representations or endorsements, and we do not provide any guarantees, whether express or implied, regarding the website and its use. You understand that we cannot guarantee and will not be responsible for the safety or privacy of the website and any information you provide. You must bear the risks associated with Internet use.

At the same time, we will do our best to ensure that the materials presented on the website are appropriate, reputable, and high-quality; if this is not the case, we will not be liable. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions or the consequences of using such information or technical problems arising from your use of the website. If we are informed of any inaccuracies in the material on the website, we will correct it as soon as possible.

In particular, we refuse to assume all responsibilities related to the following:

Incompatibility between the website and any of your devices, software or communication connections;
Technical issues, including errors or interruptions on the website;
Inappropriateness, unreliability or inaccuracy Sex; and
The website does not meet your needs.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, you have suffered any indirect or incidental damages caused by or related to this website to our company to you or any third party (these two terms include but are not limited to: pure Agrees to accept no responsibility for any economic loss, loss of profits, loss of operations, loss of expected savings, waste of expenditure, loss of privacy and loss of data) or any other indirect, special or punitive damage.

15. Severability

If any part of a clause is found to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the clause shall be deemed to be separate from these clauses and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of all remaining clauses.

16. Exemption

Any waiver we make will not be considered as an exemption from any procedures or subsequent violations of any regulations.

17. Full agreement

These terms constitute all the complete agreement between you and us.

18. Legal and judicial power

These terms are subject to the laws of the People ’s Republic of China and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the People ’s Republic of China. Any disputes will only be resolved through the courts of the People ’s Republic of China.

19. Chocolate and sweets

In order to best enjoy your candy, we recommend eating it within 12 weeks after receiving the candy.

All products are individually dated to ensure that they are consumed in the best condition.

Nut content

Consumers should note that all our candy is produced and packaged in an environment where nuts may be present, so there is no guarantee that all candy offered will be free of nuts or traces of nuts. Please note that the ingredients provided are from the manufacturer's packaging and the ingredients on the list, so they are as accurate as the ingredients obtained from the candy manufacturer; therefore, we are not responsible for the contents of the manufacturer's ingredients.


In order to ensure that our customers enjoy the best level of service and enjoy the happiness of their favorite sweets, when you are not 100% satisfied with the candy received, even if this possibility is unlikely, we provide a comprehensive return policy . Please note that the following return procedures must be followed, otherwise we may not be able to reissue or refund you. At the same time, please note that we are not responsible for circumstances that affect the inventory due to environmental impact beyond the company's control and do not provide replacement / refund. This includes damage and omissions after receiving the goods, and the goods are kept under climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures that may affect certain products-these goods usually stick together or change shape slightly, but the taste of the taste does not change, And third-party damage. In addition, please note that during the hot summer months, the goods in transit may be affected by heat, so please note that susceptible goods, such as chocolate, may not look as satisfactory, but these The taste of the product will still be as good as usual.

If you wish to return the product for any reason, please notify us within 48 hours after receiving the order that makes you dissatisfied. In order to arrange a return, please contact us and inform our customer service team of your order number, the product you returned and the reason for the return.

We will reply to you with a unique return authorization number and the return address of the returned product.

You need to pack the product firmly and provide:

Your order number
Return authorization number
Need to reissue or refund
Reason for your return of this product

The returned goods should keep their original condition and packaging when you received them, and be accompanied by an invoice or packing list.

After receiving the product, we will check the product and return the appropriate product amount and appropriate postage. Because of the fragile nature of the product being sold, we cannot process a refund because the product is no longer needed. We only provide refunds for defective products, and this has been made clear when the products are delivered.

20. All competitions and draws

We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.

These rules will be considered for inclusion in each contest or sweepstakes unless otherwise specifically stated.

Participating in contests or sweepstakes will mean that participants have read and understood these terms and are bound by them. All company decisions will be final and binding, and no appeals will be accepted.

VWMall All employees of the group company or their immediate family members or any other persons who are directly related to any special competitions or sweepstakes organizations are not eligible to enter or draw.

All participants should be over 18 years old.

All participants must register before the deadline set by the competition or the draw. Enter the answer immediately after submission. (Our company) shall not be held responsible for incorrectly entered answers, lost answers for technical or other reasons, or submission of answers after the deadline.

We reserve the absolute right to disqualify and will not notify participants who participate in contests or sweepstakes if we believe that they have used improper technical tools to participate and / or we believe that they are fraudulent.

Participants are responsible for the cost of accessing the computer network.

We do not assume or accept any responsibility for (i) the winner or any other participant who fails to comply with these terms and conditions; (ii) any interrupted, delayed or wrong entries; or (iii) Any server, system or network failure, failure or connection failure.

Under these terms and conditions, unless otherwise specified, we will be the promoter of all contests or sweepstakes.


If the promoted prize cannot be fulfilled for any reason, we reserve absolute discretion and provide an equivalent or greater value similar prize to replace the previous prize, and provide advance notice through the official website or marketing materials and advertisements Or announcement

Each household can only receive one prize.

The prizes provided must not be cash or other substitutes, and the prizes cannot be transferred.

The amount of the highest prize will not exceed 50,000 yuan


After the deadline, the winner ’s name will be randomly selected from all competitors who provide the correct answer.

Notify the winner of the prize within 28 days after determining the winner.

Please allow 28 days for all prizes to be mailed.

If the winner of the contest cannot receive the prize for any reason, or if efforts have been made to notify the winner but the winner cannot be notified, at this time, we may handle the prize in a way that we deem appropriate, and no longer pay the winner Take any responsibility for the actions taken.

For each contest or draw, each participant / email address can only receive one prize. We will ask for the name and other information provided by the winner.

Winners of contests or sweepstakes are responsible for the income tax they receive.

claim prizes

Prizes related to travel: The travel itinerary is the responsibility of the winner, unless otherwise stated.

The prizes / tickets of the competition may be limited to a specific period of one year. Unless otherwise stated, all prizes must be collected within six months of the end of the competition.

If the prize is provided by a third party, the winner needs to complete all appropriate or applicable reservation procedures or other formalities directly in contact with the prize provider. We assume no responsibility for the actions / defaults of any other person or company.

Data protection

Personal data collected in contests or sweepstakes will be processed by VWMall for publicity purposes and to send commercial information about our products and services. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

21. Comment

If you submit a review, you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, permanent, irrevocable and fully sublicensable right to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish in any media around the world , Translate, create derivative works, distribute and display these contents.

You authorize https://vw-mall.com/ and its secondary licensors to use the name you submitted in connection with the content, if they choose to do so.

You agree to waive your rights as the author of the comment and your right to object to the derogatory treatment of the content.

You agree to take all necessary further actions to improve the above rights granted to you by https://vw-mall.com/, including the execution of contracts and documents under the requirements of https://vw-mall.com/.

You declare and warrant that you own or otherwise control all rights to the content you post; that is, on the day the content or material is submitted to https://vw-mall.com/:

Content and materials are accurate;
Using the content and materials you provide will not violate any applicable vw-mall.com principles and will not cause harm to any person or entity (including content or materials are not Defamatory). You agree to protect https://vw-mall.com/ from all third-party claims against https://vw-mall.com/ arising from or related to breach of these warranties.

We will notify the winner of the review contest via email. Failure to respond to our notification within 20 days will disqualify you from receiving the prize.

22. Buy more discount products

This product is only applicable to eligible products listed in the buy more discount area of ​​the website.

When any product is required to be returned (except for defective or defective products), we are responsible for requesting the return of all mailed products as part of the over-buying discount at your cost, or charging you for returned products The full price quoted on this page.

23. Gifts for product promotion

23.1 When we provide a free gift for a product, we only provide one free gift for each transaction (regardless of how many products are purchased). Free gifts are available while stocks last, and we reserve the right to change free gifts to equivalent gifts.

23.2 In order for us to provide free gifts, it is necessary for us to place free gifts on the website according to their market value. For the avoidance of doubt, if you do not purchase a product, you are not eligible to 'buy' a free gift. The gift is provided for free due to the purchase of the corresponding product. Any attempt to 'buy' a free gift will be cancelled Receive an email sent automatically to confirm your order). In the unlikely event of a free gift being sent to you by mistake, you are obliged to return the free gift after receiving the written request.

24. Account balance

Account balance-any balance is valid for 6 months and will expire on the same day 6 months after the balance becomes effective.

25. Friends recommendation program

According to the following terms, you can recommend new customers to us through the referral links and / or referral codes we provide to you, so as to obtain the "account balance" ("Friend Recommendation Program") used on this website. If you have placed an order on the website before, you will only be eligible to participate in the referral program as a "recommender" in the referral program.

New customers refer to natural persons who have not previously placed orders with us ("Recommended Persons"). If the referee has an account on the website but has not placed an order on the website before, they can only participate in the referral program through the "referral link". If the referee already has an account on the website, they will not be able to use the "referral code" (regardless of whether they have placed an order before) to participate in the referral program.

If the referee clicks on your referral link, the discount code will be applied automatically at checkout. If the referee uses a referral code, the referee must enter this code at checkout.

To avoid doubt, any account balances generated by the referral program can only be used on the website, and neither you nor the referee have the right to charge any money for the balance. This balance cannot be exchanged for cash. The balance of your referral program account cannot be transferred in any way.

Your account will receive the corresponding balance 24 hours after the referee ’s order is shipped. If the referee cancels the order for any reason within 24 hours after sending, you will not get any eligibility balance. You will receive your balance in the default currency of this website.

The account balance generated through the friend referral program is within 6 months from the accrual date. If unused, the balance will expire.

The recommended person ’s order value must be at least the minimum value specified on the website.

Subscription products are not included in the referral program. We will occasionally remove more products from our friend recommendation program.

If we believe or suspect that your use of the referral program is fraudulent, misleading, or violates these terms, we can decide and revoke the balance of your referral program at any time.

26. Basic information of the sunlight clearance mode

When you purchase through the customs clearance mode, our designated carrier will perform customs clearance on your behalf. Please make sure you provide accurate information, otherwise your customs clearance will be affected.

27. ID number required for customs clearance

When you select the sunlight clearance mode, you need to submit the recipient's ID number in order to clear customs. Please make sure you fill in the accurate ID number and the name (Simplified Chinese characters) that matches the ID. The identity information you provide must also be the same as the payer's identity information. Otherwise, customs clearance will be affected.

We will safely store your ID card information and use it only for customs clearance purposes. Unless we notify you otherwise, you do not need to submit ID information again in any channel or situation.

28. How are taxes and fees calculated? (pre-estimated taxes and fees)

We will estimate and collect the relevant cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax for you when placing an order. The cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax is only a pre-estimated value, and we cannot guarantee that it is consistent with the actual tax amount. For example, from the date of the comprehensive taxation of cross-border e-commerce to the actual entry of goods into China, customs regulations and tax rates may change. Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax The tax rate of the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax is usually determined by the classification of commodities.

Once you have paid the comprehensive cross-border e-commerce tax, you will no longer be charged the tax by China Customs.

29. Annual cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax details

According to the notice issued by the Ministry of Finance of the People ’s Republic of China on cross-border e-commerce retail import taxation policy (Cai cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax [2018] No. 49), cross-border e-commerce retail as of January 1, 2019 The single transaction limit for imported goods is RMB 5000
(including 5000) yuan, and the annual transaction limit for individuals is RMB 26000 (including 26000) yuan.